viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

Ask the wind

Hi there!
It's been a long time and now it seems I'll be writing here again. I'm hopeless at poetry, I admit, but you can blame Emilio Alzueta for making me write (and publish) it. I know it's not good, but it might mean something to those who know me.

Ask the wind

Cold in the winter the North wind blows,
Through highlands and mountains its paths have crossed.
“What news of my darling d’you bring from the North?
For it’s icy and chilly and I miss his warmth”

“It is long since I saw him,
That day the sky broke.
He wandered light-footed
Surfing the squall”

Fresh in the spring the East wind blows,
Through valleys and rivers its paths have crossed.
“What news of my dearest d’you bring from the East?
For it’s temperate and sunny and I long for his kiss”

“It is long since I saw him
Enjoying the light,
He followed his path
Away, to the night”

Hot in the summer the South wind blows,
Through moors and deserts its paths have crossed.
“What news of my sweetheart d’you bring in your bag?
For I’m lonely and gloomy and in need of his laugh”

"It is long since I saw him
Wandering West.
He was flying and beaming
To the end of his quest”

Smooth in the autumn the West wind blows,
Through seas and oceans its paths have crossed.
“What news of my babe do you bear?
For I’m aching, and tired, and I’ve searched everywhere!”

“Past the waves and the clouds away yonder,
Where no shadow or stain can be born,
There’s a land full of colour and sunshine,
And he’s waiting for you at the shore”

2 comentarios:

bibiana dijo...

I congratulate you for this bright and intense poem. I really enjoy reading it.

Mercedes dijo...

Thanks, Bibi. You encourage me!

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