jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011

The Story of Stuff Project

We watch television, the desire grows inside us to buy something, we go to a mall and buy it -and some other things we hadn't thought about before but we do now. We take everything home and realise we don't have enough space to store so many things, so we throw away something that some time ago we thought we needed, but now we've lost our interest in. In the process, we do not stop for a moment to think about where this stuff comes from or where it goes after we are done with it. That doesn't seem to have anything to do with us or affect us in any significant way, does it? Well, the thing is it is affecting other people a lot, and the results of our way of life might be creeping in on us in the form of climate change or unemployment.

The first step to changing a situation is learning about it and that's what The Story of Stuff Project is all about. Let's understand how our economy works and we'll be able to start changing our consumerist habits, which might be consuming ourselves, our planet and our future as well. If you are interested, follow the link; you'll find very illuminating videos, all of them related to our economy, consumerism, the environment, sustainability and much more...

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